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We Offer Safe, 健全的备份解决方案多伦多企业像您的-和, We Can Save You Time and Money Doing It!

There aren’t many diligent, 信誉良好的管理亚美官网app下载提供商(MSPs)可以诚实地说,他们拥有比大多数公司更好的IT解决方案——而且还可以为客户节省完成这些方案的时间和金钱. Well, TekTonic就是这种类型的管理亚美官网app下载提供商之一, and we have the latest, 为多伦多的企业提供领先的数据备份解决方案(从企业到大型企业),亚美官网app下载拥有合适的亚美官网app下载包,完美补充和优化您的供应商管理和技术输出.

There aren’t many diligent, 信誉良好的管理亚美官网app下载提供商(MSPs)可以诚实地说,他们拥有比大多数公司更好的IT解决方案——而且还可以为客户节省完成这些方案的时间和金钱. Well, TekTonic就是这种类型的管理亚美官网app下载提供商之一, and we have the latest, leading-edge data backup solutions for Toronto businesses 像您的(业务到大型企业)-亚美官网app下载有正确的亚美官网app下载包完美补充和优化您的供应商管理和技术输出.

Data Backup Solutions for the 21st Century

If you’re still using the 20th Century technology of tape backups,你要认真考虑一下把它们全部扔掉.

Because we are deep into the 21st Century now, 所有多伦多企业主的数据备份和存储都面临威胁,需要更有效地进行备份和存储 data backup technology.

Modern-day threats such as natural disasters, ransomware, 甚至内部网络攻击都要求多伦多提供更可靠的数据备份解决方案.


The Best Backup Solutions for Toronto Businesses Are Here

问题的真相是,如果你没有保护你的数据安全 backup solutions, you’re at risk for a costly occurrence of data loss, breach, or theft that could leave your company paralyzed.

But, 你不需要承担这些不必要的风险——TekTonic是多伦多各种规模的企业在避免灾难方面值得信赖的合作伙伴, types, and industries.

We offer Disaster Avoidance and data backup solutions for Toronto businesses 努力保持你的数据的安全、可访问和可靠,一年365天,全天候.

而其他公司则在多伦多谈论数据备份解决方案, 亚美官网app下载 ensures not only data backup but also the timely, efficient retrieval of the data that has been stored.

Convinced, and ready to go? 立即给亚美官网app下载团队打电话(416)256-9928或发送电子邮件给亚美官网app下载 sales@hararepost.com 了解更多亚美官网app下载如何为多伦多企业提供备份解决方案,以保护您重要的专有信息和客户信息,以及这对您的业务的安全和连续性意味着什么!

If you’re not taking precautions to protect your data, you’re putting your business at risk for costly data loss, reputational damage, and potential legal liability.

这些情况比拥有可靠的IT合作伙伴要昂贵得多, 只收取象征性的每月费用多伦多备份解决方案,你会发现是无价的.

Our Clients Speak to Our Superior IT Service

Just ask one of our many loyal, satisfied clients 亚美官网app下载的多伦多数据备份解决方案如何帮助他们防止数据泄露狼从他们的门.

They will tell you something like, “亚美官网app下载 has provided timely, reliable, effective and always courteous computer, network and backup support to our law firm since 2006. Our goals of protecting sensitive client information, 由于亚美官网app下载公司对亚美官网app下载系统的主动监控和管理,亚美官网app下载的系统具有不间断的生产力和易用性.” (5-star review of TekTonic by Lorraine Bortolussi B.A., LL.B., LL.M. (ADR), AccFM (OAFM))

Or, this, from the Executive Director of IPAC, “加拿大公共行政研究所多年来一直在使用亚美官网app下载的亚美官网app下载. 他们是一家非常可靠且以客户为中心的公司. 无论亚美官网app下载是在多伦多的总部还是在世界的另一端出差, 无论亚美官网app下载遇到什么问题,特克顿都能帮上忙. I would recommend them without hesitation.”

Data Backup Statistics Worth Noting

First, right off the top: 94% of companies will experience a data breach or catastrophe of some kind.

The Ponemon Institute 调查了来自16个国家419家公司的1900名个人. Of the 419 companies, 226 self-reported they have Business Continuity Management (BCM)参与解决数据泄露的后果. 在这些公司中,95%的公司认为这种参与“非常重要”。.

Poneman的研究还显示,采用BCM计划的公司将灾难恢复自动化和编排结合在一起,结果是39.5 percent reduction in average cost per day of a data breach, compared to companies with no BCM, viable data backup solutions, or disaster recovery.

It means a net difference of $1,655 per day.


With 亚美官网app下载 handling your data backup solutions in Toronto, however, you can move forward with confidence knowing:

  • Your data is encrypted and backed up onsite and
  • 您的数据备份将被全天候监控,以防止出现问题.
  • 定期测试备份以确保可恢复性.
  • Your backups will always be recoverable in a timely manner.

用最先进的技术防止意外事件影响你的业务运作或你的底线 backup solutions for Toronto businesses that won’t sell you short or waste your time.


Contact us today at (416) 256-9928 or sales@hararepost.com 了解更多信息,并与能够提供可靠数据的公司接洽 backup solutions for Toronto businesses and throughout Southern Ontario – 亚美官网app下载!

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